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The Lamb's Agenda

Rev. Samuel Rodriguez

explores the question:


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The Lamb's Agenda Reverend Rodriquez reveals that we are dealing with the clashing of human-interest agendas not far from those my father faced in April 1963. He also proposes the need to go back to the basic founding principles of our nation, which were biblical.The Lamb's Agenda  
  — Bernice A. King
Founder and president, Be A King Enterprises, LLC
(from the Foreword)


The Lamb's Agenda The Lamb's Agenda is a clarion call for Christians to embrace truth and grace in equal measure. Sam Rodriguez believes that if we can get the balance right, America may be on the cusp of a Third Great Awakening. I pray it will be so!The Lamb's Agenda  
  — Jim Daly
President, Focus on the Family
(from the Foreword)
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